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What we do:

We specialize in training riders of all ages and levels from hunters to jumpers and equitation or for riders who ride for pleasure.

Silver Tide Stable’s location provides the rider with a unique experience. It is fully equipped with a spacious indoor ring, as well as an expansive outdoor arena, both are ideal for all-weather rides. The Grand Prix field adjacent to the outdoor arena is perfect for riders to lesson on or to enjoy the grandeur of the field with their horses. Learning to ride on grass is a very different experience from that of riding in a ring; we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to have both types of footing at our fingertips.

Silver Tide Stable fosters the relationship between rider and mount. Riding is a partnership developed between horse and rider, we at STS focus on nurturing that relationship so that the rider receives the best results from their riding experience.


About Pamela


Led by Pamela Suskind, STS has the best team in the business to train and nurture your young riders and teach them not just how to ride but also how to care and respect the animals that they will be spending time with.


Pony camp


Riding at camp consists of the very basics for the beginner rider from learning how to properly mount your horse to the more advanced level of riders walking, trotting, cantering and jumping in any arena on the stable grounds. Come and join the fun of learning to ride while strengthening your horsemanship skills with the wonderful staff at STS!