Lolli Pop

Lolli Pop is an extremely sweet small palomino pony. She is part Halflinger in breed, which makes her rotund and perfect for beginner riders.  Her smooth walk, trot and canter are ideal for all levels and ages. Lolli Pop’s favorite treat in the world? You guessed it! LOLLI POPS!! ‘Lolli’ as we call her, loves to roll in the paddocks and enjoys being cared for by her Pony Pros. She is the real Barbie Dream Pony!

Fort Knox

Fort Knox or ‘Knoxie’ as we call him is a true blue, a ‘been there and done that’ pony. Knoxie has won almost every major horse show there is to win on the East Coast.  At the age of 19 Knoxie knows his job and takes the best care of his riders; he protects the young rider and is a fantastic pony bringing the intermediate rider along to the next level. Since arriving in our stable, Knoxie is the ‘cool man on campus’ with every pony fawning all over him due to his cool cat personality and placid disposition. This is one palomino pony that we praise daily for his hard work and endless kindness.

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a precious small pony with many show years under his girth. He loves taking beginner riders from lead line all the way to jumping cross rails in the Short Stirrup Division. Like Lolli Pop, Bon Bon has a sweet tooth, he loves treats! 

Moonlight Crush

 ‘Crush’ is our newest pony at Silver Tide Stable! Crush is a sweet and sassy mare with a heart as big as Texas. We love Crush for so many reasons, but one in particular is that she adores trail riding and teaching young riders how to jump. Crush is our ‘tomboy’ at the farm; she loves acting like one of the geldings by rolling in every mud puddle she can find and scratching her rump on the paddock fences. Crush LOVES orange ice pops! She likes to cuddle up to any Pony Pro and make them her best friend. Crush has won top prizes at Pony Finals along with other top horse shows. Welcome to the STS family, Crush!

Sweet Cherry Pie

‘Cherry’ as we call her, is just as sweet as they come. Her kind nature and perfect disposition is perfect for any child at any level of riding to learn the basics of flat work and jumping. Cherry has the dreamiest canter, which allows all of our pony pros to learn to canter for their first time. Cherry is by far the most gentle and loveable pony in our stable. She has done it all, from hunters, equitation to pony jumpers, she has mileage and safety under her girth. Cherry will make any child squeal with delight! This pony is a keeper and we love and adore everything about this beautiful large chestnut pony!